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Private Snapchat – ENGLISH

Private Snapchat – ENGLISH
by Blooma Blog, Snapchat January 01, 2018

Private Snapchat – ENGLISH

Hi lovers,
this is a lil explanation about my private snapcat. WHAT YOU FIND THERE?
Every contents that you’ll see are considered “adult contets“, but don’t sign up if you expecting porn or similar. On my private snapchat I post uncensored pics or video, me teasing the camera, behind the scenes of upcoming sets, naked parties with friends, whatever I’m doing without censorship. 
I don’t answer to snapchat call and I not tolerate dick pic (I’ll block you immediately and remove your contact). No erotic chat or similar and I don’t answer to specific requests like “send me a video when you dance naked” for example .  For this kind of (and other) requests I have a special category here OnDemand – Selfie and here OnDemand – Video.
My snapchat is a more intimate exclusive Platform for those who are interested in supporting my work, so, if you want,
(example pics, click to zoom)

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